Puppy Love Valentine’s Day Nails

Hi there! 🙂

I had this idea a few days ago as I was thinking about what blog posts I could do that were Valentine’s Day related.  I happened to be working at the time (I’m a dog groomer) so it was just like BAM!  Dog inspired Valentine’s nails!  I’m sure that there are nails similar to these out there on Pinterest, but I figured I’d show you guys how I did mine. 🙂 There are several ways you can put your own twist on these nails, like using pink instead of red, or whatever color you want!  Technically, these don’t have to just be for Valentine’s Day, so be creative with the colors you use!

Now I am definitely not a professional when it comes to doing nails, but I have fun doing them, so here we are. 🙂



First I simply painted my nails what I wanted the main colors to be.  Ignore the mess ups, I don’t clean up around the edges until I’m completely done with everything. 🙂


Second, with black nail polish, I put hearts with three dots to make puppy pads on the red nails. I made the hearts by simply using a dotting tool (toothpicks would work too) to make a V-shape.


I just did the same exact thing, but reversed the colors for my other nails, except for my middle nail.  The color didn’t quite pop like I was hoping, but I was too lazy to go over it again in hopes that it’d stand out more.


On the middle nail, I put this puppy with the heart spot on his eye. I’m not overly pleased with how he turned out, but like I said, I’m not professional when it come to nails. 😛 I just used my dotting tool to make him.


So yea, here’s how they turned out. They could be better, but I think overall all, they’re cute.  Tell me in the comments if you try this out! 🙂

Anna Christine ❤


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