Rainbow Polymer Clay Girl

So St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and although my family doesn’t do anything for that holiday, it did inspire me.  I actually made a 4 leaf clover girl that will be in a picture farther down, but like the dummy I am, I didn’t take pictures while making her.  Still, I think of rainbows when I think St. Patrick’s Day so I decided to make a rainbow girl.  I love how she turned out, and though she was based off a holiday, she would look good any day. 🙂


The first thing you do is take flesh colored clay and mold it into a small ball for the head.  Then take a ball of yellow clay of about the same size and flatten it into a pancake.  Proceed to shape it over top of the head so it looks like the poor girl has a bowl cut.


Make a tear shaped pancake out of the yellow clay.  I wanted my girl’s hair to be long, but yours doesn’t have to be. 🙂 Place the clay on the head and blend it into the top of the head.


Since this is a rainbow girl, I thought rainbow bangs would be fun.  Roll out very thin snakes of all the colors you need and cut them so they’re the same length.  Place them on one side of her head and smooth the ends so it looks more natural.  Take a piece of yellow clay and make the same shape of the rainbow bangs and put it on the other side of the part so it’s symmetrical and so no more of the bowl haircut remains. 😉


I decided to give my girl curls, but if you want her to have straight hair, go for it! 🙂  I rolled out a long, thin, pink snake and twisted it so it spiraled and carefully placed it where I wanted.  I repeated with the rest of the colors of the rainbow and put them on different parts of her head.  Add a few yellow curls to go with her base hair color and smooth them into place.  I also twisted the end of her main piece of hair so it curled slightly. (Sorry for the lighting change, it got dark so I had to work with my lamp light which I didn’t like doing, but oh well.)


For her face, roll out tiny balls of green clay and lightly press them where her eyes should be.  Roll even tinier white balls and put them on top of her eyes.  Using your flesh colored clay, roll a little dot for the nose and put it in it’s place.  With a light pink clay, flatten tiny circles and place them on her cheeks.


For the skirt, form a pyramid shape out of black clay and cut off the top.  Using a light blue clay, form a cylinder.  This is her torso.  Place the torso on top of the skirt to form the body.


To add detail to the skirt I decided to make a rainbow flower.  This was pretty tricky since the pieces were so very, very small and ripped easily, but I love how it came out.  I rolled super duper thin snakes out of all the colors of the rainbow and made sure they were the same length.  I very carefully molded each snake into tear drop shapes and put them all together to form the flower.


Place the flower onto the skirt, and just because I felt like it needed it, I placed a blue dot on the center.  Mold a small, slightly squashed ball out of the flesh colored clay and place it on top of the torso as the neck.  Put a pin in the underside of the girl’s head and gently press the rest of it into the body.  Because my girl’s hair is so long, I had to bend it slightly so it rested on the ground like natural hair would.


Roll out thin snakes of the flesh colored clay for her arms and legs, place them where they belong, and you’re done!  I baked mine in the oven at about 250 degrees Fahrenheit for 4-5 minutes.  She is very tiny, so based on how big yours may be, you might want to judge for yourself how long to bake her.


So yea, here’s how she turned out!  I think she’s so cute, especially with her four leaf clover friend.  Let me know in the comments below if you make her! 🙂

Anna Christine ❤








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