Paint Chip Mermaid

Hello! 🙂

So recently I was at Home Depot in the paint section.  While my mom was buying paint, I was more interested in the colorful paint chips that filled one wall.  I put a few colors together, and I was inspired.  This mermaid is the result! 🙂

So the colors I picked out were two shades of purple, two shades of blue and a tan.  I then just drew out some shapes like you see above. 🙂

I then proceeded to cut out the shapes and trace them onto the back of the paint chips before then cutting those out.

Now you can start gluing all your pieces together! I just used regular Elmer’s glue.  I also cut out thin strips of the different colors to put on her bangs as high lights.


I added details with sharpies and I think my little mermaid turned out really cute!  This was  really fun, easy, and totally inexpensive (yay for free paint chips!)  You could make anything out of paint chips like a fairy, a dragon, or even a rainbow dog!  (That could be really cute!)

Let me know if this inspired you to make something with paint chips! 🙂

Anna Christine ❤


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