Beach Nails

So I’m going on vacation to the beach this week so I of course had to give myself beach nails!  It was very simple, and very cute! 🙂

IMG_1307 (1).JPG

The first thing to do is paint your pinkie nail entirely yellow, your ring finger halfway yellow, and make it less and less for your middle and pointer finger.  Don’t use any yellow on your thumbnail.


Use a blue polish to paint the rest of the nails.

IMG_1312 (1)

With a toothpick or dotting tool use white polish to cover the line between the blue and yellow polishes. The messier the better!

IMG_1315 (1)

For the pinkie nail I decided to add a little crab, which I did with my dotting tool and red, white, and blue polish.  You could do whatever you wanted to here! On my other hand’s pinkie nail I did a little starfish which was a lot easier. 🙂

IMG_1319 (1)To finish it off I used clear polish with blue sparkles in it and painted it over the blue and white polish.  That’s how I got this cute, beach look! 🙂  Let me know if you try it out!

Anna Christine ❤



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