Mud, Milkshakes, and Dancing Pt 1

Hello! 🙂

So this week has been pretty crazy with my vacation and all (it was a blast!) so I haven’t had as much time as I’ve wanted to work on this story.  So this is merely part one.  I honestly don’t know if there will be more than one other part, but I guess we’ll see where the story takes me! 🙂

I truly love the 50’s era (yay for old movies and tv shows!) so I just had to write a story centered in it.  The year is 1953, and a girl named Lucy is a total bookworm and doesn’t like to do anything other than read.  So of course I had to throw her out of her comfort zone and into a double date situation.  How will it end?  Even I don’t know yet.  Now, without further ado, on with the show!


“You don’t do anything, do you, Lucy? You just sit inside, reading every chance you get. Don’t you think you should be out, I don’t know, living?” my roommate and sister, Linda, said. She brushed her hair back into a fancy updo before starting to apply her make up.

“You don’t understand. I am living. Right now I’m a knight in King Arthur’s court. Yesterday I was a detective searching for a murderer. I live a different life every time I open a book.” I muttered just loud enough so she could still hear me. Half of my brain was still entirely focused on the fascinating story I was reading so I wasn’t really listening to my sister’s lecture. I fully tuned her out as she continued, talking about how that wasn’t really living. I had heard this all several times before and it was irritating by now. My parents had just given up and accepted the fact that I am a bookworm, but Linda wasn’t known for giving up.

My attention was fully grabbed only when she snatched my book from my hands.

“Hey,” I protested though I knew it was useless. Linda was in a mood tonight, and when she was in a mood, there was no point in arguing with her.

“You are going to come out with me tonight,” she tossed my book on top of the wardrobe where she knew I couldn’t reach it.

“Where are you going?” I eyed her proper attire and felt my gut clench.

Linda didn’t answer as she opened the wardrobe and pulled out one of my nicest dresses. She tossed it at me and it landed on my lap. Then she sifted through my shoes till she found a pair of black heels, which also found their way onto my lap.

I begrudgingly complied to her demands and changed from my jeans and sweatshirt into the nicer clothes.

“You still haven’t told me where we’re going,” I reminded her as she sat me down to do my make up.

“That’s because I know you too well. As soon as I told you there’s no way you would go,” she said.

“You’re acting as though I have a choice.”

She smirked in response. Finally, just as she had dolled me up to her liking, the doorbell rang. My heart dropped. If someone was coming to our door, then that meant it was probably Linda’s date. And if she wanted me to come too then there was probably a date for me outside as well. Why would she do this to me? She knew I was a total klutz when it came to boys. I barely had time to flash her a panicked look when she opened the door to her boyfriend, Jacob. They’d been going steady for a few months now, and he was a nice enough guy, if not a bit preoccupied with his brand new ’53 Ford Thunderbird automobile.

“Hey, Lin, are you ready to split?” Jacob said, taking her hand into his own.

Linda nodded and motioned for me to follow them. Every step I took I went a little slower. Dread filled my bones and my hands shook. I cast a final glance towards our bedroom where my book was still on top of the wardrobe. I wondered if I made a break for it and locked the door if I could get out of going tonight.

“Lucy, come on. We’ll introduce you to Greg. He’s a total sweetheart,” Linda called back to me and I reluctantly dismissed my escape plan.

I closed the front door behind me and took a deep breath before facing this ‘Greg’ person. From the first glance I could see I was not the only one who didn’t want to be here. The young man was looking at everything except for me. In fact, he seemed to be directly avoiding looking at me. I noticed that though he had his hands in his pockets he was fidgeting them.

“Lucy, this is Greg. He’s Jacob’s cousin visiting town for a little while. Greg, this is Lucy, my sister,” Linda said, grabbing my hand and jerking me closer.

“Nice to meet you,” Greg shook my hand quickly before again averting his gaze.

“You too,” I mumbled.

“We’d better get going. The movie at the drive in is supposed to start in a few minutes,” Jacob opened the passenger side door for Linda and she entered the vehicle. Unfortunately, the process didn’t go as smooth when Greg opened my door. He was so nervous he hit himself with the door and when I asked him if he was ok he just nodded, his face red. I decided not to press it anymore, not wanting to embarrass him further, but he started to close the door again before I had fully gotten into the car. I winced as the door hit my leg, but didn’t make a noise.

“I-I’m so sorry. Are you alright? I am such a klutz! I am so sorry,” Greg sputtered.

“It’s ok,” I lied. In truth, my leg was now throbbing and I figured I would have a nasty bruise by the end of the night.

The drive to the theatre was nothing if not an awkward one. Jacob and Linda were talking non-stop, but Greg and I mostly sat in silence. This is why I disliked dates so much. Though I’d only been on a couple other ones, they had all gone similarly to this one.

“H-have you lived here your whole life?” Greg surprised me by being the one to break the silence.

“No, we lived in Colorado until I was seven,” I replied. “What about you? You live out of town?”

“Yes, in a little town in Arizona called Flagstaff.”

“How long are you going to be here?”

“Around two weeks.”

I bit my lip searching for something else to say. This conversation was pretty dull compared to the one I had been reading about between King Arthur and Sir Lancelot before Linda dragged me into this. Then again, I found most things dull in comparison to the marvelous adventures that happened in my books.

“What do you usually do for fun?” Greg interrupted my thoughts and I realized I hadn’t responded to what he had said last.

“Oh, well, I usually just stay at home and read,” I said simply.

“I see. So this isn’t what you’d normally be doing on a Friday night?”

I blushed and focused on the scenery that was flying by as we drove. “No, and honestly my sister surprised me with this tonight. I had no idea she was planning this.”

“I’m sorry that I’ve interrupted your reading,” he said, sounding truly apologetic.

I glanced back at him, taken back. “It’s not your fault. I’m sure you didn’t want to spend your vacation with a girl you don’t even know. Unless you did want to. Then it is your fault,” I chuckled to show him I was joking.

“Jacob surprised me too. I arrived this afternoon and he was throwing my suit at me and telling me to get ready,” Greg shrugged.

“You only arrived today? Golly, after such a long trip I would be exhausted,” I said.

“Oh, I am, believe me,” he laughed quietly.

“Then I am sorry that I am interrupting you resting.”

He waved away my apology with a flick of his wrist. “If we are to blame anyone, I say we blame my cousin and your sister.”

I laughed in agreement.

“What movie are we seeing anyway?” Greg asked.

“I really have no idea. Like I said, Linda sprung this all on me last second so I don’t know anymore than you do.”

He acknowledged my response but didn’t say anything. He already seemed less nervous and I realized I was too. Perhaps this wouldn’t be quite like the other dates I’d been on.


So there’s part one!  I think it’s pretty cute so far and I can’t wait to see where this goes! 🙂

Anna Christine ❤


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