You Don’t Need to Outline Your Novel

I have watched many youtube videos titled things such as ‘How to Become a Better Writer!’ or ‘Defeat Writer’s Block!’. While there are usually good tips in these videos, there is one that is often called the most important tip of them all: outline.

Outlining is figuring out your story in advance, such as all the characters and the plot, and every major event that happens in the story. This is all fine and good, but it’s not the single most important rule of all time.

I’m a pantser. What that means is that I go into writing a story with basically no idea where it is going to take me-I’m riding by the seat of my pants. I usually do have a glimmer of an idea of what I want the story to be about, but it never goes how I plan. I have tried to outline several times, but it simply doesn’t work for me.

Recently I started my second novel. My first one, no matter how much I love it, was a mess. It is taking a LOT of editing to get it to where I want it to be. So I determined that I would at least try to get a basic idea of how the plot was going to go and I would get to know my characters before starting my second novel.  I spent a little while interviewing my characters to see what sort of people they were and I got the first third of the story plotted out before I allowed myself to start writing.

When I first started writing the novel, it was boring, but easy. I knew what needed to happen. I was getting a lot of words onto the page. Then things started to go wrong. My love interest for one of my characters became really annoying and was not the right fit for him. My villain reminded me too much of the villain from my first novel. My two main characters were bland or whiny.  Everything was happening like I had planned, but nothing was going how I hoped.

I began to dread writing, but I didn’t want to give up. I liked the idea of the story. Unfortunately, the frustrating situation caused me to take the longest break from writing I’ve had in a while. I eventually couldn’t bring myself to continue the story. The characters leered at me every time I opened the document and I couldn’t see a future beyond what I had plotted out in the beginning. I was stuck and I couldn’t fight my way out because I didn’t care enough to.

Was this it? Was I done? Was one novel all I had in me?

I often get story ideas from characters. I get character ideas from random things in life. I was on Pinterest when I saw an outfit that was unique. It almost immediately inspired a character. As I drew her I started to wonder what world she lived in, and what role she played in that world. I wasn’t thinking too much about it though because I was still depressed by my last story attempt. Then I drew another character from her world and a very faint story idea slowly started to form. After looking at a couple vague prompts from Pinterest, I was starting to get excited. So I decided to try writing this weird, not-my-usual-genre story. No pressure. No outline. No idea where it was going to take me.

And just like that, I re-fell in love with writing.

Outlining is great for those who can come up with a whole storyline in the course of a month or so.  It’s great for those who like to be in control of every detail.  However, it’s horrible for those who feel confined by rules. It’s horrible for those who get their best ideas in the middle of writing-ideas that change the entire course of the story.

So my advice?

Go ahead and try outlining because it’s the most used and most successful form of story writing. However, don’t be discouraged if you find that it makes you frustrated and you don’t like it. There’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with figuring it out as you go along. Yes, it will mean a lot of editing because halfway through the story you’re going to come up with something huge that needs to then be introduced earlier on in the story. Perhaps even a whole new character. That’s ok. What’s important is that you enjoy writing. Don’t let it feel like a chore. Yes, it’s work, but it’s work that’s supposed to be fun!

It’s ok to be an outliner.

It’s ok to be a pantser.

Do what makes you enjoy the process of telling amazing stories.


Anna Christine

Writing Tips from Someone with ADD


If you know me at all, you know I’m all over the place. I can’t sit still without bobbing my foot up and down, and when I talk my words come out faster than what a lot of people can understand. That’s just how my mind works: it never stops. That makes writing very difficult, at least for me. Perhaps for some, writing is the only thing that makes them calm down.

Writing does calm my nerves down, but it doesn’t mean my mind slows. I sit down with the intention of writing for an hour straight, but then I end up sitting for 55 minutes thinking about everything and anything.

So here’s some tips that I’ve picked up that help me actually get some writing done when my mind is running a hundred miles an hour.


  1. Set a timer – better shorter than longer

This helps me because I have a deadline. If I know I need a certain amount of words done in 15 minutes then I’m going to work harder at getting those words out there because I know I can’t lollygag. I prefer shorter times rather than longer because if I say I need 500 words in 1 hour, then I’m going to sit there for 30 minutes procrastinating.


  1. Turn off the internet

One of the biggest obstacles in my writing path is the internet. One minute I tell myself I’m just going to watch this one video and the next thing I know is it’s been 2 hours and I’ve gotten 0 writing done. When I write now, the only internet access I allow myself is Pandora,, or bing if I need to research anything.


  1. Music

Music is either your best friend, or the worst thing you could possibly listen to while writing. I have experienced both. Really, you just have to determine for yourself whether you get distracted or not. For me, I don’t listen to songs with words while writing. I have a nature sounds radio and a violin radio, which I can write while listening to, but at the same time it doesn’t always work out. There are some days where silence is the best sound that helps you keep focused on writing.


  1. Change your scene

I simply can’t write in the same spot day after day. If I’ve spent the week writing at my desk, I start to get bored and don’t focus as well. Sometimes all it takes is for me to move to my bed and suddenly my mind has switched gears and I can write easier.


  1. Don’t worry

It’s difficult having ADD and trying to sit still while focusing incredibly hard. Some days, no matter what you do, you aren’t going to be able to write all the words you want. That’s ok, just don’t give up. Try again tomorrow. Or sometimes you just need a little break. For me, I find I can write every day after work somewhat easily, but as soon as the weekend hits I can barely put two words together. Maybe that’s just the way my mind tells me that it’s done for a little bit. I don’t push it too hard on those days and use that time to expand my mind by reading or doing some other craft. Either way, I’m not being a failure by not writing for a day or two. I’m just recharging.


That being said, the longer you go from not writing, the harder it will be to start back up. So after a couple days, you may need to force yourself to write, no matter how much you don’t want to do so. On those days, try the tips above.


Now I don’t know if every writer with ADD struggles like I do or if these tricks will work for other people. They do work for me, however, so I thought I’d share them. The most important thing to remember is simply don’t give up. If you feel the need to write deep in your soul, then you fight against your ADD with all your might and write.


It’s easy for me to watch YouTube for hours, but at the end of the day I know I didn’t do anything worthwhile. I lived a pointless day. It is those days that inspire me to leave ‘easy’ behind and do what’s hard. Writing is hard, but I wouldn’t give up on it for the world. I have stories living inside of me that need to be told, so I’m going to tell them.


Anna Christine ❤

DIY Seaglass Effect


So this is a super cheap, easy diy that I think looks really cool! All you need is something glass (I went to my local thrift store and got something for a few cents), glue, food coloring, and a paint brush. 

So what you want to do is poor some glue on a plate and add a drop or two of food coloring. It depends on how dark you want it. Mix it together and then use a paint brush (foam is probably your best bet) and stipple the glue mixture onto your glass surface. 

Cover the entire outside area. For me, I wanted my vase to be two toned so I mixed up some purple as well to put on the bottom. Do a second coat as well.

It takes a little while to fully dry and can look pretty weird while drying as well, but be patient. The end result is totally worth it! 🙂

So here was my end result! The purple turned out a bit darker than I was hoping, but oh well. I still think it turned out pretty cool. 🙂 The glass bell like piece next to it I did the same exact thing to, just with a lighter color. I love this easy diy because it turns out so cute and it’s super cute! 🙂 Let me know if you try it out! 🙂

Anna Christine ❤

Clay Cupcake Charm


I’ve been seeing a lot of cute clay food items on Pinterest, so I decided to try my hand at it! Here’s how I made a cute cupcake charm. 🙂

First take your cupcake wrapper color and form it into a flower pot shape. I poked the end of a pen into the center of my cylinder shaped piece of clay and shaped it with my fingers the rest of the way until it was how I wanted it to look. 

Next I took my desired cupcake color and made a circle that was slightly bigger than the cupcake wrapper and placed it on top.  I also placed a piece of the same color in the center so when I did the icing part the middle wouldn’t just cave in. 

Roll out your icing color into a thin snake and wrap it in a spiral motion until it’s in a cone shape. 

For added effect I decided to have chocolate drizzled onto my cupcake so I rolled out a piece of brown clay into a very thin piece and carefully placed it on the icing.  Add a few lines on the wrapper to make it look a bit more realistic and place an eyelet in the top and all you have left to do is bake your cupcake! 🙂 I baked mine for a couple minutes and it hardened up nicely. I think it turned out really cute! What do you think? 

Anna Christine ❤

Paint Chip Butterfly Wall Decoration

Hi! 🙂

So recently I was on Pinterest and saw how people had used paint chips to decorate their wall. I’ve been wanting to do something with my room for a long time and this seemed like the perfect thing to do. So here’s how I achieved my butterfly wall. 🙂

So of course the first thing to do was pick out several paint chips of all the colors of the rainbow. In all I picked 40 chips.

What I did to make the butterflies was take a paint chip and draw a line down the middle of the backside of it. I cut it and took one half and folded it then in half.

I then traced half of a butterfly so is’ middle part was aligned with the edge that was bent. (I had already cut a butterfly out when I was figuring out what looked good so I used that as my pattern). I proceeded to cut out the shape and unfolded it. Viola! A symmetrical butterfly. Do the same thing for the other half of the paint chip and repeat the entire process for the rest of the colors. In total I had 80 butterflies! This took a while but I did most of it while watching Netflix so it wasn’t so bad. 🙂

To place the butterflies on my wall I just used sticky tack. 🙂

I ended up taking one of my white butterflies  and turning it into a rainbow butterfly with some glitter gel pens. I made this one to be leading the swarm of butterflies. 🙂

And here’s the end result! I love how the colors all blend together and it looks very pretty. 🙂 I’m not crazy about the shape of it right now, but it’s very adjustable so I can always alter it. 🙂

According to the will of our Lord, I’ll see you guys next week!

Anna Christine ❤

Mud, Milkshakes, and Dancing Pt 3

Hello!  🙂

So I’ve finally finished this 3 part story and though it’s a bit awkward in places (or is that just because the characters themselves are awkward…hmm) I really do like how it turned out.  Who knows, I might write more about Greg and Lucy sometime in the future, but for right now this is it.  I hope you enjoy! 🙂


I’ll admit, I never thought that a date could be considered ‘good’ after getting my leg hit by a car door and stepping into a mud puddle. I was happy though, to learn that it was possible.

Greg and I entered the diner that was across the street from the drive in movie theatre and we were instantly surrounded by the smells of burgers and the sounds of kids having a good time. We got a couple of strange looks as we set our muddy shoes down beside our stools before sitting down at the counter.

“Are people staring at us?” Greg said in my ear so I could hear him.

“Staring? No. Glancing repeatedly and thinking we’re odd? Most definitely.”

“Normally, that would bother me, but tonight it doesn’t for some reason,” he mused.

“Probably because you don’t live here so you won’t have to worry about seeing these people again,” I pointed out.

Greg laughed and agreed. “True. Still, I think it’s all this talk about adventures that’s got me thinking a bit different.”

“That’s not a bad thing, is it?”

“So far, no, but who knows what kind of trouble it might get me into later on,” he winked before looking up at the waitress who had just come up to greet us.

“What’ll it be, kids?” she pulled a pencil from behind her ear and let it hover above her notepad.

“Oh, um, what’s good?” I stuttered, quickly looking at the menu.

“For a couple sweethearts like yourselves, I would suggest our ‘Very Berry Sweetarts Shake’. We’re famous for it,” the waitress motioned at an illustration of a couple sharing the ‘Very Berry Sweetarts Shake’ together.

“Th-that sounds good to me. I’ll have one of those, what would you like, Lucy?” Greg didn’t meet my eyes as his face turned a shade darker than usual.

“I’ll take the same. So I guess we’ll have a couple of those,” I said, feeling my own face grow warm.

The waitress shook her head and smiled. “’Very Berry Sweetart Shakes’ aren’t meant to be eaten separately, dears. They’re meant to be shared.”

I knew for sure that my face turned a bright red then. Thankfully Greg spoke up so I didn’t have to. His voice was surprisingly steady though I could tell he felt as awkward as I did.

“If we can’t get them on their own, then I suppose I’ll just get a strawberry milkshake.”

“You could get them on their own, it’s just not what’s usually done,” the waitress explained.

“No, it’s ok,” Greg said. “We don’t want to stick out-“

I cut him off by muttering quietly so only he could hear me. “Don’t we though? This is an adventure after all. Sh-shouldn’t we do something out of the ordinary?”

He grinned and I felt something in my stomach squeeze in a weird way.

“You’re right. Actually, we’ll stick with two Berry shakes,” he said and the waitress offered no other comment and left to make the shakes. Greg and I exchanged relieved looks.

“I’m not used to going outside of the normal,” I said.

“Me either, but it’s kind of fun.”

“Yea,” I chuckled. “Who knew that part of the adventure would be ordering milkshakes?”

He nodded before looking around. He smirked and shook his head. “I see what she meant when she said that the shakes are usually shared.”

I followed his lead and glanced around the room. I saw several couples bent over the same milkshakes. That’s when I noticed something.

“They’re huge!”

“I guess that’s why they aren’t usually individually ordered,” Greg commented.

The waitress brought us our own large milkshakes, an amused expression on her face. “Enjoy!”

“Thank you,” I murmured, eyeing the light purple mixture with unease.

“Just consider this as part of the adventure. It will be quite the accomplishment to finish one of these,” Greg leaned forward and took a sip of his shake.

“I don’t know as if I or my stomach want that accomplishment,” I said, taking my own drink. It was tart, like the name implied, and it was delicious. “Then again, maybe the Very Berry Sweetart Shake Mountain is a worthy obstacle on the journey.”


“So how are you with dancing?” I asked, watching as a few teenagers took to the dance floor and started doing the jitterbug.

“I’ve had fun with it with my own records at home.”

“Do you want to give it a go? I’ve not danced with a partner that much, but I’m willing to try it if you are,” I stood.

“Why not?” he shrugged.

We made our way to the small dance floor and after getting a sense of the beat, joined in. Greg wasn’t giving himself enough credit when he said he ‘had fun with it with his own records’. Dancing with him was easy, and almost effortless. We both obviously knew the dance pretty well, and it showed.

When the dance ended, I was disappointed. A waltz started, which struck me as sort of odd after such a lively tune. I started to walk off the floor, but Greg pulled me back.

“You don’t like the waltz?” he said.

“It’s not that, it’s just I’m not as familiar with it as I am with the jitterbug,” I explained.

“Well it’s the dance I know the best, so you’re just going to have to suffer through it so I can say I’ve danced it with someone other than my mother,” he chuckled.

I reluctantly took the proper stance and we started moving with the music. During the jitterbug there wasn’t any time, or breath, to talk, but during this one I wondered if it was appropriate to speak. Greg answered my question by saying,

“You’re a pretty good dancer. Are you sure you don’t spend your Friday nights doing this?”

I laughed. “I’m sure. I went to a couple school dances which is where I danced with a partner. Other than that, I’m much like yourself and only dance to a record.”

“So dancing isn’t usually a part of your date routine?”

“No,” I bit my lip awkwardly before continuing. “Actually, the only dates I’ve really been on before have been to the drive in like tonight was supposed to be, and only because Linda forced me to.”

“So you don’t have ridiculously high standards?” Greg sounded surprised.

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know, I just thought that you maybe didn’t go on many dates because you didn’t think anyone was good enough for you,” he got quieter as he continued to speak, as though he were embarrassed.

“Well, I do have high standards I suppose, because I’ve not desired to go on any second dates with the guys I’ve gone with.”

“So…nobody has piqued your sense of adventure?”

“Not until tonight. You know, this is the first date I’ve actually enjoyed. So thank you,” I focused on his tie, too shy to meet his eyes.

“Me too. I guess having an adventure is a good way to have a first date, huh?”

I nodded and we swayed in silence for a minute. I then remembered something he had just said when the dance had started.

“So your mother taught you to dance the waltz?”

“Yea, I suppose I got all of my dancing skills from her. Whenever she and my father were courting, dancing was their favorite thing to do. So whenever they had me, she started teaching me how to dance almost as soon as I could walk. I hated it when I was younger, but I’ll admit that I’ve kind of grown fond of it by now.”

“That explains it then. You definitely dance like you’ve been doing it for years, and now I know why. Do you still dance with your mother even now?”

“You act as though not dancing with her is even an option. She doesn’t let me go two days without making me dance with her,” he pretended to be annoyed, but his tone had softened.

“You love dancing with her, don’t you?” I said.

Greg smiled. “Yea, I do.”

“You’re a nice guy, Greg,” I said, feeling silly as soon as it came out of my mouth. Was it normal to randomly state that a guy was nice? Probably not, but it didn’t seem like he minded. He merely shrugged.

“What guy doesn’t love his mother?”

The waltz ended and I let him lead me off the floor. We rejoined our now dry mud covered shoes and our half eaten milkshakes. Greg opened his mouth to say something when Linda and Jacob suddenly appeared.

“We’ve been worried sick about you two! Why are you over here?” Linda said, sounding very annoyed, but I saw the worry on her face. I looked down guiltily.

“It was my fault. I suggested we come here instead of go back. We should have told you guys and I’m sorry,” Greg said. He placed a hand on my arm as if to reassure me that it wasn’t my fault.

“It was both of us. I didn’t even think you would notice we were gone. You seemed pretty occupied with each other,” I said, taking some of the blame.

“Of course we noticed you were gone. We spent the last however long searching the drive in and when we couldn’t find you…” Linda broke off and glared at me. “Do you have any idea how anxious I was?”

Jacob put his arm around my sister’s shoulder, trying to calm her down, but I could tell with the pointed looks he was throwing at Greg, he wasn’t too happy either. “Now that we’ve missed most of the movie I see no point in going back. Why don’t we just head home?” Jacob sighed and he and Linda walked back out of the diner. Greg and I looked at each other before following.

We all wordlessly got into the car and started driving home. I glanced at Greg out of the corner of my eye, wondering if this was the last I was going to see him. Tonight might not have been an adventure like Frodo Baggins had when he left the Shire, but it was an adventure nonetheless for me.

“When do you go back home again?” I asked quietly, trying to remember what he had said earlier tonight.

“In a couple weeks,” he replied. We once again lapsed into silence. It wasn’t until we were almost back to my house when he spoke up. “I really did have fun tonight. I don’t suppose…would you maybe like to have another adventure with me before I leave?”

I grinned. “I don’t know. It’ll be hard to beat the adventure we had today. I mean there was the mud, and the milkshakes, and the dancing. Are you sure that another adventure would live up to that?”

“I can’t guarantee it, but I’d sure like to try,” I could hear he had his own smile.

“Alright then.” I said, and in the dark I felt his fingers close over mine. Indeed, this was going to be quite the adventure.


Thanks for reading!

Anna Christine ❤

Mud, Milkshakes, and Dancing Pt 2

Hello!  So this is part 2 to my 50’s story.  Part 3 will Lord willing be up next week!  🙂

As you can see, I finally came up with a name for the story, and I think it fit’s pretty well. 🙂

This part is told from Greg’s point of view, and I’ve got to say I’ve never really written from a guy’s perspective, but this was a lot of fun!  Part 3, which will most likely be the final part, will be back in Lucy’s pov though. 🙂


“So…what do you like to do for fun? You know I like to read and that’s what I would have been doing if not for this, but what would you be doing on a typical Friday night?” Lucy asked me, her finger tapping against her leg in what I assumed was a nervous habit. Just a few minutes ago her whole hand had been doing it, but now it had slowed down to just her pointer finger.

“I rarely do the same thing. Sometimes I go to the local diner with some friends, and sometimes I stay home and work on my motorcycle,” I said.

“You have a motorcycle?” she said, sounding surprised.

I nodded, forgetting that it was dark outside. Apparently she could see my silhouette well enough though because she replied almost immediately.

“That’s so cool! My father has always said that he wants to get one, but Mother won’t allow it. She claims they are too dangerous, and I guess I can see her point. Still, I’ve always thought they looked like the perfect thing to ride when you want an adventure,” she babbled excitedly.

“An adventure?” I chuckled. “That’s what you think of when you see a motorcycle?”

Her enthusiasm faded and I cursed myself. She had forgotten about being shy for a second and I had to go and ruin it by teasing her.

Her voice was quiet when she answered. “I guess it sounds rather silly.”

“No, no, I can understand why you’d think that way. When you ride a motorcycle you don’t worry about anything. You just feel…free, I suppose,” I said, struggling to say what was in my head.

“How long have you had it?” she asked, changing the subject though her tone was a bit brighter.


For both of us being so shy and awkward, Lucy and I talked rather comfortably until we reached the drive in. Once we had pulled in though, silence hung like a heavy, awkward blanket between us. My nerves returned, and I figured the reason was that during the drive here it hadn’t fully felt like a date. Now that we were here, though, surrounded by other couples and my own cousin and Linda, I felt an immense amount of pressure. Lucy had made it clear that dates were not normally on her Friday night schedule and I couldn’t help but wonder why. It wasn’t as though she wasn’t pretty, and if she was talking about something she was interested in she was quite charming. I figured it had to be that she had really high standards, and with this being a blind date, I wasn’t sure if I lived up to those standards.

“Hey, if you guys aren’t in some deep conversation right now, why don’t you go grab some snacks,” Jacob interrupted my thoughts, making me jump. A quick glance at Lucy and I could see she had been startled as well. A small smile made its’ way onto my lips. It was kind of nice to not be the only odd one who got lost in one’s thoughts. I remember when I was little and my mother first scolded me for not listening to her. It was then that I first realized not everyone became so focused on what was going inside their head that they didn’t notice what was going on around them.

“Hello, earth to Greg,” my cousin waved his hand in front of my face and I blinked.


“I asked if you and Lucy could go grab snacks,” he repeated.

“Oh, right,” I looked over at my ‘date’. “Is that ok with you?”

She shrugged and proceeded to get out of the car which I took as a yes. I was quick to follow suit and hopped out of the car…right into a mud puddle. It splattered up onto my pants and I sighed. Just my luck. Lucy held a pretty straight face, but I saw the corners of her lips twitch slightly.

“It’s alright, you can laugh. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am doomed to embarrass myself as much as I possibly can,” I said. She obliged and a small laugh along with a snort bubbled out of her mouth.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that it’s usually me who-“ she stopped talking and looked down at the ground. I followed her gaze and saw that while she had been laughing, she hadn’t been looking at where she was walking. She too, had stepped into a mud puddle. Our eyes met and we both burst out laughing.

Lucy leaned down and took off her shoes and continued walking barefoot. “I suppose I faired better than you, though,” she said.

“How so?”

“I have a dress on so the mud only affected my shoes. My dress is perfectly fine. Your pants on the other hand…” she trailed off and motioned at the mud that soiled the bottoms of my pant legs.

“That’s true, I guess,” I shook my right foot as the slippery mud soaked through my socks and hit skin.

We reached the snack shack and stood in the back of the long line. I squinted at the sign that had what food was available. Being so far back, I could hardly see it and I wished I had my glasses. Unfortunately, Jacob had been quick to reassure me that I would not need them and that my date would not approve of how I looked when I wore them. Now I was wishing I had ignored him and worn them anyway.

“Why do they make the print so small on that sign? Surely they don’t expect everyone to be able to read that?” Lucy fumbled through her small purse and surprised me by pulling out her own eyeglasses. My mouth dropped open slightly. Lucy eyed me for a moment before asking, “Are you alright?”

I shook myself, and nodded. “Y-yes, sorry. I was just thinking how I wished I had my glasses with me and then you pulled yours out. It was just an odd coincidence is all.”

“Why don’t you have your glasses? Do you only need them to read up close? But if that was the case, then I don’t see why you would be wishing for them now.”

“Actually, I’m as blind as a bat. I usually wear them all the time but for some reason I let Jacob convince me to not wear them tonight.”

“Jacob doesn’t like your glasses?” she raised an eyebrow.

“Well,” I scratched my neck nervously, “he said you wouldn’t.”

“I wouldn’t what?”

“Like me with my glasses.”

“That’s ridiculous. Why wouldn’t I like you if you were wearing glasses? If anything, it would make me think less of you to know you let him convince you of such a thing,” she made motions with her hands as she talked. It was something she did often and I liked it. She was very expressive.

“As you should,” I said, before thinking for a moment. “Wait, why do you not wear your glasses all of the time if you cannot see distances either?”

Lucy blushed. “Unfortunately, even though I think it’s silly that you or Jacob would think that I wouldn’t like you as much if you were wearing glasses, I let Linda convince me of that fact before my first date.”

“Then we are both guilty of not being completely ourselves and letting others tell us that it is better to not be. We cannot change the past, so I say we forget about it now, and in the future be sure to wear our glasses. No matter what,” I said and she smiled.


I once again squinted at the sign that was still too far away. “Can you read what it says now?” I asked.

“Yes, would you like me to tell you?”

“If you wouldn’t mind. And while you do that, I’m going to take off these rotten shoes. The mud I stepped in earlier does not feel any better after it’s been in there several minutes,” I leaned against a nearby car and tugged off my filthy shoes.

“What a sight we both must be,” Lucy smirked.

“What do you mean?”

“Look at us. Barefoot, splattered with mud, and you look at everything while squinting because you can’t see while I wear my ridiculously large glasses. This isn’t something that is too common, you know,” she explained.

“This is definitely the most interesting date I’ve ever been on,” I mused. “But it is also so far the most fun I’ve had on one too. So I don’t know if mud and glasses are a bad thing.”

“No, I would have to agree with you there,” her eyes sparkled. Or maybe that was just the lights on her glasses…really I wasn’t sure but I didn’t particularly care. Tonight was not like the other dates I had been on in the past. I was enjoying myself, and I could tell Lucy was too. In fact, I didn’t want to go back to the car and be stuffed in the back seat and watch a movie. I realized Lucy was reading the food items on the menu aloud and I hadn’t heard a single word.

“Hey,” I interrupted. “Sorry, but do you want to be here?”

“Do I want to be here?” she repeated, confused.

“Here. As in at the drive in,” I looked around and saw a diner across the street. “Because I’m thinking we should ditch my cousin and your sister and go have some fun. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy drive-ins as much as the next person, but not during a double date.”

“What’s your idea of fun?” she said, and I knew I had piqued her interest.

“A walk through a town I don’t know. A couple of milkshakes. Maybe a bit of dancing? I don’t know, I guess we’ll find out what’s fun when we have it,” I shrugged.

“So you want to go on an adventure?” she said slowly as a grin grew on her face.



Thanks for reading!

Anna Christine ❤

Mud, Milkshakes, and Dancing Pt 1

Hello! 🙂

So this week has been pretty crazy with my vacation and all (it was a blast!) so I haven’t had as much time as I’ve wanted to work on this story.  So this is merely part one.  I honestly don’t know if there will be more than one other part, but I guess we’ll see where the story takes me! 🙂

I truly love the 50’s era (yay for old movies and tv shows!) so I just had to write a story centered in it.  The year is 1953, and a girl named Lucy is a total bookworm and doesn’t like to do anything other than read.  So of course I had to throw her out of her comfort zone and into a double date situation.  How will it end?  Even I don’t know yet.  Now, without further ado, on with the show!


“You don’t do anything, do you, Lucy? You just sit inside, reading every chance you get. Don’t you think you should be out, I don’t know, living?” my roommate and sister, Linda, said. She brushed her hair back into a fancy updo before starting to apply her make up.

“You don’t understand. I am living. Right now I’m a knight in King Arthur’s court. Yesterday I was a detective searching for a murderer. I live a different life every time I open a book.” I muttered just loud enough so she could still hear me. Half of my brain was still entirely focused on the fascinating story I was reading so I wasn’t really listening to my sister’s lecture. I fully tuned her out as she continued, talking about how that wasn’t really living. I had heard this all several times before and it was irritating by now. My parents had just given up and accepted the fact that I am a bookworm, but Linda wasn’t known for giving up.

My attention was fully grabbed only when she snatched my book from my hands.

“Hey,” I protested though I knew it was useless. Linda was in a mood tonight, and when she was in a mood, there was no point in arguing with her.

“You are going to come out with me tonight,” she tossed my book on top of the wardrobe where she knew I couldn’t reach it.

“Where are you going?” I eyed her proper attire and felt my gut clench.

Linda didn’t answer as she opened the wardrobe and pulled out one of my nicest dresses. She tossed it at me and it landed on my lap. Then she sifted through my shoes till she found a pair of black heels, which also found their way onto my lap.

I begrudgingly complied to her demands and changed from my jeans and sweatshirt into the nicer clothes.

“You still haven’t told me where we’re going,” I reminded her as she sat me down to do my make up.

“That’s because I know you too well. As soon as I told you there’s no way you would go,” she said.

“You’re acting as though I have a choice.”

She smirked in response. Finally, just as she had dolled me up to her liking, the doorbell rang. My heart dropped. If someone was coming to our door, then that meant it was probably Linda’s date. And if she wanted me to come too then there was probably a date for me outside as well. Why would she do this to me? She knew I was a total klutz when it came to boys. I barely had time to flash her a panicked look when she opened the door to her boyfriend, Jacob. They’d been going steady for a few months now, and he was a nice enough guy, if not a bit preoccupied with his brand new ’53 Ford Thunderbird automobile.

“Hey, Lin, are you ready to split?” Jacob said, taking her hand into his own.

Linda nodded and motioned for me to follow them. Every step I took I went a little slower. Dread filled my bones and my hands shook. I cast a final glance towards our bedroom where my book was still on top of the wardrobe. I wondered if I made a break for it and locked the door if I could get out of going tonight.

“Lucy, come on. We’ll introduce you to Greg. He’s a total sweetheart,” Linda called back to me and I reluctantly dismissed my escape plan.

I closed the front door behind me and took a deep breath before facing this ‘Greg’ person. From the first glance I could see I was not the only one who didn’t want to be here. The young man was looking at everything except for me. In fact, he seemed to be directly avoiding looking at me. I noticed that though he had his hands in his pockets he was fidgeting them.

“Lucy, this is Greg. He’s Jacob’s cousin visiting town for a little while. Greg, this is Lucy, my sister,” Linda said, grabbing my hand and jerking me closer.

“Nice to meet you,” Greg shook my hand quickly before again averting his gaze.

“You too,” I mumbled.

“We’d better get going. The movie at the drive in is supposed to start in a few minutes,” Jacob opened the passenger side door for Linda and she entered the vehicle. Unfortunately, the process didn’t go as smooth when Greg opened my door. He was so nervous he hit himself with the door and when I asked him if he was ok he just nodded, his face red. I decided not to press it anymore, not wanting to embarrass him further, but he started to close the door again before I had fully gotten into the car. I winced as the door hit my leg, but didn’t make a noise.

“I-I’m so sorry. Are you alright? I am such a klutz! I am so sorry,” Greg sputtered.

“It’s ok,” I lied. In truth, my leg was now throbbing and I figured I would have a nasty bruise by the end of the night.

The drive to the theatre was nothing if not an awkward one. Jacob and Linda were talking non-stop, but Greg and I mostly sat in silence. This is why I disliked dates so much. Though I’d only been on a couple other ones, they had all gone similarly to this one.

“H-have you lived here your whole life?” Greg surprised me by being the one to break the silence.

“No, we lived in Colorado until I was seven,” I replied. “What about you? You live out of town?”

“Yes, in a little town in Arizona called Flagstaff.”

“How long are you going to be here?”

“Around two weeks.”

I bit my lip searching for something else to say. This conversation was pretty dull compared to the one I had been reading about between King Arthur and Sir Lancelot before Linda dragged me into this. Then again, I found most things dull in comparison to the marvelous adventures that happened in my books.

“What do you usually do for fun?” Greg interrupted my thoughts and I realized I hadn’t responded to what he had said last.

“Oh, well, I usually just stay at home and read,” I said simply.

“I see. So this isn’t what you’d normally be doing on a Friday night?”

I blushed and focused on the scenery that was flying by as we drove. “No, and honestly my sister surprised me with this tonight. I had no idea she was planning this.”

“I’m sorry that I’ve interrupted your reading,” he said, sounding truly apologetic.

I glanced back at him, taken back. “It’s not your fault. I’m sure you didn’t want to spend your vacation with a girl you don’t even know. Unless you did want to. Then it is your fault,” I chuckled to show him I was joking.

“Jacob surprised me too. I arrived this afternoon and he was throwing my suit at me and telling me to get ready,” Greg shrugged.

“You only arrived today? Golly, after such a long trip I would be exhausted,” I said.

“Oh, I am, believe me,” he laughed quietly.

“Then I am sorry that I am interrupting you resting.”

He waved away my apology with a flick of his wrist. “If we are to blame anyone, I say we blame my cousin and your sister.”

I laughed in agreement.

“What movie are we seeing anyway?” Greg asked.

“I really have no idea. Like I said, Linda sprung this all on me last second so I don’t know anymore than you do.”

He acknowledged my response but didn’t say anything. He already seemed less nervous and I realized I was too. Perhaps this wouldn’t be quite like the other dates I’d been on.


So there’s part one!  I think it’s pretty cute so far and I can’t wait to see where this goes! 🙂

Anna Christine ❤

Beach Nails

So I’m going on vacation to the beach this week so I of course had to give myself beach nails!  It was very simple, and very cute! 🙂

IMG_1307 (1).JPG

The first thing to do is paint your pinkie nail entirely yellow, your ring finger halfway yellow, and make it less and less for your middle and pointer finger.  Don’t use any yellow on your thumbnail.


Use a blue polish to paint the rest of the nails.

IMG_1312 (1)

With a toothpick or dotting tool use white polish to cover the line between the blue and yellow polishes. The messier the better!

IMG_1315 (1)

For the pinkie nail I decided to add a little crab, which I did with my dotting tool and red, white, and blue polish.  You could do whatever you wanted to here! On my other hand’s pinkie nail I did a little starfish which was a lot easier. 🙂

IMG_1319 (1)To finish it off I used clear polish with blue sparkles in it and painted it over the blue and white polish.  That’s how I got this cute, beach look! 🙂  Let me know if you try it out!

Anna Christine ❤


How To Train Your Dragon Toothless Tsum Tsum



If you’ve heard of Disney’s Tsum Tsums, you know that they are super cute bean like versions of Disney characters.  Well, I got to thinking the other day that I wish there was a tsum tsum of Toothless, from ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. I mean, Toothless is already adorable, how cute would he be if he was in tsum tsum form?  Unfortunately, they’re called ‘Disney Tsum Tsums’ for a reason and Toothless is a DreamWorks character.  So I decided if I couldn’t buy a Toothless tsum tsum, I’d make my own!

I used: Black felt, red felt, green felt, needle and thread, hot glue gun, and toilet paper (I used it as the stuffing! 🙂 )

Make your pattern.  For me, I had the bottom part be 3 3/4 inches long and 2 inches wide.  Also the back/sides piece was 3 3/4 inches long (the same length of the bottom) and it was 4 inches wide.  I just eyeballed the size of the head and butt piece (they need to be the same size) to what looked like the right size that the 4 inch side of the body piece would wrap most of the way around it and made it oval.  Don’t forget that the bottom piece will cover some of the oval so don’t worry that your body piece doesn’t completely wrap around the head.  I traced the pattern onto the back of my black felt with a white pencil.  I even found felt that had a scale print on it so that was really cool! 🙂

Sew one of the ovals to the 4 inch side of the felt.  It can be kind of tricky to sew the flat piece of felt to the round one, but just keep turning it and you’ll be fine!  🙂   If you have a pattern on your felt like me, make sure you sew it so when it’s flipped inside out the pattern is on the right side!  One you sew the one side on, sew the other one on as well.  Once finished, flip it inside out.  (I used white thread so it would be easier to see for the pictures purpose, but I’d recommend using black or really dark blue thread.  If all you have is white you can do what I did at the end which is simply using a black marker to color the white thread.)

Start to sew the bottom part of the felt around the edges.  Once you have about an inch or two of an opening left, stuff it with stuffing, or toilet paper, or scrap fabric.  Anything soft will work!  Once it is stuffed to your liking, sew the rest of the gap closed.


Trace and cut out the details that make Toothless Toothless!  There are no measurements for these, just do whatever you think looks best!  I happened to forget to cut out little feet in time for this picture, so be sure to add those.  After cutting all the pieces, hot glue them into place.

After I made Toothless, I figured he was a little lonely without his best friend, Hiccup.  So I made him too!  Hiccup had several more details, such as, well, clothes and hair (lol) but I just cut strips out of green, brown, and black felt and glued them on top of the tan felt.  These guys are two of my most favorite characters ever and I had a lot of fun making them!  Let me know if you try it out!

Anna Christine ❤